IBM Design Thinking

IBM's approach to applying design thinking at the speed & scale the modern enterprise demands. It helps teams not only form intent, but deliver outcomes—outcomes that advance the state of the art and improve the lives of the people they serve

The badges in this collection are awarded to people that are actively involved in applying and developing IBM Design Thinking

Badges are available to IBM professionals

IBM Design Thinking

Enterprise Design Thinking Coach

This badge holder supports and helps to lead the Enterprise Design Thinking effort in their teams. The earner designs the approach, runs plays, and helps the team play the Enterprise Design Thinking...

Enterprise Design Thinking Leader

This badge holder empowers their organization to repeatedly deliver bold outcomes. The earner creates the conditions teams need to succeed. As a result, the earner's organization constantly creates...

Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator

As a Co-Creator, the badge earner is an active contributor on Enterprise Design Thinking engagements. They help bring real-world user outcomes to life by growing collaboration skills and finding...

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

The earner has acquired knowledge of applying Enterprise Design Thinking and its value. As a Practitioner, the badge earner finds opportunities to try it out in their every day work.