Becoming User Centric

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By becoming User Centric, the badge earner will understand the value of embedding users throughout the development process, as well as how and when to involve them. Badge earners will be able to apply their new skills through a variety of methods, including interviews and usability testing. Upon completion of these activities, the earner will be able to measure the value of their approach and become recognised as User Centric.

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Becoming User Centric

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Must be an employee of IBM


Earn the following badge:

Digital Credential

Education Experience

Complete the 4 week learning journey for the CIO Partner Ecosystem - if you’re interested in joining this learning program, please visit the Additional Information link on this page. The learning journey includes:


•  Week one: An introduction to ‘Becoming User Centric’ & Identifying your users


•  Week two: How to interview Business Partners


•  Week three: Learning the skills of usability testing


•  Week four: Measuring the success of User Centricity


Upon completing the education, learners should apply for the Becoming User Centric badge by providing evidence of applying the skills learned over the 4 weeks. Applications will be reviewed by the CIO Partner Ecosystem badge owners.

Becoming User Centric

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Becoming User Centric

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