Leader's Edge

Number of badges issued: 51

The badge earner demonstrates accurate level of knowledge from leadership field established by experienced trainers and managers. By earning this badge, IBMers demonstrate wide knowledge about leadership, motivation, problem solving, IBM processes and organization, metrics and reporting, shift planning, CritSit, quality management and legal & employee rights.

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Leader's Edge

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.


Enroll on the Leader's Edge program by contacting badge issuers (Marketa Wingfield/Czech Republic/IBM, Katarzyna Zurawska/Poland/IBM) and applying to the course.

Education Experience

Complete the Leader's Edge program, which cover: presentation skills, metrics and reporting, organization of service coverage, effective communication, hiring process, security & compliance, quality management, RCA, feedback, CritSit, legal rights session, cost management and more. Pass the education assessment with a score of 65% or higher.


Succeed in role play activity, which includes various scenarios which relates to our business activities within Digital Workplace Services. The participants are divided in smaller groups, with the goal of tunderstanding and reviewing provided facts, brainstorm, discuss the potential risk, negotiate and agree on the final outcome. They must then present the final results and outcomes.


Validation of criteria is done by the upline manager on face to face meeting. The participants are required to show their analytical and communication skills, critical thinking and analyzing the situation from different perspectives. Badge earners must demonstrate passion for leadership, must be in pipeline and actively preparing for a new role, and must be a high performer.

Leader's Edge

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Leader's Edge

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