SEED Technical Support Expert - Spectrum Protect - Server Externals

Number of badges issued: 7

This badge issued as achievement of expert state of capability and experience with the corresponding product. The badge earner is known to handle the most complex queries, including root cause analysis and performance troubleshooting. The earner is able to address product service related queries that require very indepth knowledge on the product and in some instances, architectural solutions or cross-team solutions, scripts or client environment improvements.

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SEED Technical Support Expert - Spectrum Protect - Server Externals

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Complete Expert tier education for the product, including Live Classes education and Peer-to-Peet sessions related to the product and the product behaviour in client environment (Includes any official certification for the product, external or internal).


Provide at least ten case studies as a demonstration of indepth understanding of client environment by leading client support plans; Rectifying the most complex queries in the product field; Acting as bridge to cross-team cases; Engaging in the handling of Critical Situations and Long Outages; Acting as client advocate in client business impacting events; Promoting IBM portfolio by identifying and...


Provide proof of outstanding performance results in the last three years by Ace, SmartCare; Provide proof of outstanding client advocacy results in the last three years by providing any direct Client / Executive Feedback or existing Expert Feedback. (Ace, E-Mail, Medallia).


Provide solid proof of intellectual investment to the IBM community in the form of creation of educational content, high level technical educations, knowledge articles improvement, business improvement projects focus and Mentoriship & Coaching by succesfully claiming the official Blue Core Mentor and IBM Teacher/Educator Badges


Provide proof of significant business impact by achieving at least three of the Expert Badge optional sections which include: Official Certification, Client & Peer Feedback, Developing Intellectual Capital/Property, Specialty Badges (Any of the included), IBM Patens or Outstanding Achievements


Apply for this badge - The badge application must be approved by Direct Manager and SME Board for the product family. Any external resources provided as proof must be validated by Technical Leader/Mentor

SEED Technical Support Expert - Spectrum Protect - Server Externals

Alignment to standards

SEED Program

The SEED initiative was inspired by feedback from both IBMers and Clients, motivated by our mutual desire to provide service excellence! After extensive research, the idea for the "SME" structure materialized. The right person, with the right competence, at the right time.

SEED Technical Support Expert - Spectrum Protect - Server Externals

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