Data Visualization Essentials

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The badge earner understands the theoretical concepts behind data visualisation. The badge earner understands concepts such as Gestalt Theory for Visualisation, Preattentive attributes and Design Affordance and how to use these concepts to create better charts. The badge earner also understands how memory works and how this knowledge can be used to highlight key areas of a chart. Finally, the earner understands how to tell a story using graphical means.

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Data Visualization Essentials

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Complete the Data Visualization Level 1 course and pass a 20 question knowledge assessment with a score of 60% or higher.


Complete a practical exercise - candidates are provided with an open source data set and are prompted to create different charts/plot using the tool of choice (python, R, or Excel). Candidates must upload their exercise files and they will be graded by an SME. A score of 85 is required to earn the badge.

Data Visualization Essentials

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Data Visualization Essentials

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