Mainframe Application Services - Z/OS Application Development and Support

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The badge earner is able to perform Application Support, Enhancements and Development activities in zOS Platform with skills on a core language, database and transaction processing. when delivering IBM ADMI services to clients

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Mainframe Application Services - Z/OS Application Development and Support

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Earner is an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Demonstrated understanding of Application Development in Z/OS Platform with skills on a language, database and transaction processing and Delivery methods. The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of about 125 hours, along with training on ADMI Inspire Method and ADM 101.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of mainframe services knowledge by performing 1) Production support with high application availability, SLA compliance, 2) Interlock with service desk & other modules, 3) Understanding requirement specifications & developing low level design + unit test cases, 4) Development / enhancements along with unit testing to meet enhancement requests & 5) Assisting module and...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated performance at the IBM skill level Foundation level by providing at least two stakeholder feedback statements (or project assessments) for two different periods.  This IBM skill level is defined as: Knowledge of the subject through formal or informal education or work activity exposure but limited, if any, application of the skills in the subject area

Professional Experience

Clear and concise communicator; present in team meetings; active and responsive team member; contribute to teaming through practice give-back; actively request feedback


Earned at least one badges in each of the four tracks: a) Platform Badge: Z/OS Programming Environment Essentials; b) Language: COBOL Programming Essentials, PL/I Programming Essentials, Assembler Programming Essentials; c) Database: Z/OS DB2 Programming Essentials, IMS-DB Programming Essentials; d) Transaction Processing: CICS Programming Essentials, IMS-DC Programming Essentials, Z/OS MQ...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the activities in a working context on mainframe application support / enhancement / development for minimal 4000 hours and described how the knowledge has been applied when performing the activities.


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Mainframe Application Services - Z/OS Application Development and Support

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Mainframe Application Services - Z/OS Application Development and Support

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