IBM YouTube Influencer

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The badge earner delivered three video presentations on technical subjects based on their expertise. They worked with the official IBM YouTube channel team to refine their communication skills and their on-air presence. They delivered authentic, discussion style videos that engage a technical audience. They communicate in a clear and succinct manner that informs the topic. They received social coaching to promote videos and they’ve created social videos to build community.

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IBM YouTube Influencer

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Must be an IBM Employee.


Technical Expertise - On these video presentations, you will share your technical expertise. This is related to your area of deep knowledge, and you should be comfortable presenting these topics with confidence.


Get coaching - The IBM Official YouTube channel team (local recording studio team) will provide coaching and guidance to hone your presentation skills and your on-screen performance presence.


Record your video - Work with the team to book recording dates with the studio.


Document your script - You will construct bullet points for your reference during the video recordings.


Pass/fail criteria - Your communication skills will be assessed by a board of experts based on an evaluation rubric. To earn the badge you must satisfy the following dimensions: Technical proficiency, clear communication, audience engagement, on-air presence, community building and social promotion.


You will work with the social team to promote your videos and to build your social community.


You will have completed a minium of 4 videos for the channel with 25,000+ views each.


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IBM YouTube Influencer

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IBM YouTube Influencer

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