React and ECMAScript

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Through self-paced learning, this badge earner has completed the skill learning journey on topics such as what is React? What is ECMAScript? Async patterns, building rich UI with React, and building a rich front-end application with React and ECMAScript.

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React and ECMAScript

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Completed Unit - Async patterns with ECMAScript: Introduction to async patterns in ECMAScript; Callbacks; Promises; Async/Await.


Completed Unit - Building rich UI applications with React:  JavaScript XML overview; Introduction to React; Rendering with React; React components, props, and state; Events; Component lifecycle; Dynamic child components; Deploying the React starter kit on IBM Cloud.


Completed Exercise - Building a rich front-end application by using React and ES8.


Successfully completed the quiz with a score of 80% or more.

React and ECMAScript

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React and ECMAScript

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