Trainee@IBM Germany

Number of badges issued: 11

The badge earner was participant in the Trainee@IBM Germany program and has completed approximately 12-18 months in this program mostly working in different projects, roles and business situations. She/he has participated in academic modules of the program, went abroad and/or performed community give back activities and rotated during the program in different functions. She/he delivered a "Trainee@IBM Graduation" presentation at end of his/her program period to prove the program success.

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Trainee@IBM Germany

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM Germany, participating in the Trainee@IBM Program.

Education Experience

Participate in a minimum of 2 academic modules of the program (duration of each module at a minimum 4 days or equivalent)


Go abroad and/or perform community give back activities for a minimum of 4 weeks or equivalent

Professional Experience

Rotate during the program in at least 2 different functions in his/her hosting business unit


Delivery of a "Trainee@IBM Graduation" presentation at end of program period, evaluated by hosting BU manager and HR people manager

Trainee@IBM Germany

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Trainee@IBM Germany

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