Unleash the Leader in You

Number of badges issued: 50

The badge holder has a foundational understanding of the following leadership concepts and has demonstrated some, if not all, of them: strategic mindset; client focus; inspiring others amid complexity; leading change; influencing others; data analysis and risk management; cash and budget management; giving/receiving feedback; appreciation; coaching; and leading innovation. This badge is available only to IBM employees.

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Unleash the Leader in You

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Complete the 14-hour "Unleash the Leader in You" program. This includes the orientation, 6 topic-specific modules, and the simulated interview.

Professional Experience

The applicant must show proof of having applied at least three of the skills from the program and a description of the impact of said application (This could be in the form of completed projects, stakeholder testimonials, commendations, among others).


To complete this program and apply for this badge, please visit the Additional Details link on this page.

Unleash the Leader in You

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Unleash the Leader in You

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