IoT - Maximo 7.6 Bootcamp

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This badge earner has demonstrated they have obtained a high level of knowledge and skill in the base functionality of Maximo. They can perform as a team member on a Maximo project and discuss Maximo capabilities and functionality with a customer. The badge earner can also recommend configuration and customization points for unique customer requirements.

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IoT - Maximo 7.6 Bootcamp

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Complete all required activities and assignments identified in the course which includes reading assignments, viewing of videos and passing each section quiz with a score of 80% or greater.


Receive a 'GO' on group projects which include creation of Classification Structures, Organizational Structures, new applications and workflow design.


Note: Participation in this bootcamp is by invitation only. This badge is only available to IBM employees and IBM Business Partner employees.

IoT - Maximo 7.6 Bootcamp

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IoT - Maximo 7.6 Bootcamp

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