HelloSensor Bootcamp

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This badge earner has knowledge gained through practical experience of IoT concepts that can "sense, connect, infer, and act." to have meaningful discussions and conduct demonstrations business value with clients using the IoT Platform. The individual is also able to create and deploy a real-time implementation of IBM Watson IoT solution capturing data from a trusted device, sending data to a cloud platform, analyzing the data, and take actions based on predefined criteria.

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HelloSensor Bootcamp

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Must be an IBM Employee

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The badge is issued after the succesfully completing the HelloSensor Bootcamp course, which is a classroom workshop of 10 hours.

Education Experience

Successfully completed the practical virtual or lab sessions - to complete the lab exercises you will need to purchase parts - please visit the 'view additional information' link below for the options. The lab exercise consists of applying the concepts of Internet of Things and Machine Learning to an actual sensor. For Virtual Classroom: Deliver a visual image (picture or video) of working...


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HelloSensor Bootcamp

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HelloSensor Bootcamp

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