IBM Agile Thought Leader

Number of badges issued: 871

The Agile Thought Leader is a recognized innovative leader in the Agile community. They have demonstrated exceptional expertise and contribution in helping teams deliver greater value to IBM customers. They have an in-depth understanding of IBM agile products, offerings and service.

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IBM Agile Thought Leader

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successfully completed Agile Learning including: A Taste of Agile, Agile Operations Fundamentals, Agile Program Fundamentals, Kanban Fundamentals, Continuous Improvement, Project Iteration and Change Management, Agility in Leadership, and Product Ownership.

Professional Experience

Achieved a total of 4,000 engagement hours in an Agile team (Agile Team member, Iteration Manager, Agile PM, or Product Owner) OR completed the engagement requisite from the IBM Agile Achiever badge, plus another 2,000 hours. Experience has to cross at least 2 different Agile Frameworks, such as Scrum, LeSS, or SAFe

Professional Experience

Achieved a total of 150 hours of giveback participation in an Agile community activity OR completed the giveback requisite from the IBM Agile Achiever badge, plus another 50 hours


Achieved 2 Agile external certifications from the current framework (certification must be current or at the most recent version)


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IBM Agile Thought Leader

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IBM Agile Thought Leader

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