IBM Supply Chain - UP Contributor

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The badge earner is a participant of the IBM UP Program and is able to apply Interpersonal Skills with the goal of creating assets and improving IBM Supply Chain processes and offerings. The badge earner volunteers for this side project and works with different colleagues under a Project Leader to deliver a Supply Chain asset, solution, or process/product improvement. Projects can have different focus areas - e.g. Innovation, Engagement, Skills - all in the context of IBM Supply Chain.

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IBM Supply Chain - UP Contributor

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM employee from the IBM Supply Chain organization or an organization supporting Supply Chain


Volunteer to join the IBM UP project and effectively join a Project Team

Professional Experience

Apply Interpersonal Skills to learn from your colleagues from other teams and work on the project goal

Professional Experience

Successfully deliver and share the Asset created by the Project Team. Your delivery will be evaluated and assessed by your Project leader.

IBM Supply Chain - UP Contributor

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IBM Supply Chain - UP Contributor

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