IBM Systems RockStar

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RockStars are highly skilled professionals that work in IBM Systems Technical Support and have made an extraordinary activity in the social media and events, supporting our clients to demystify any concern and improve skills related to our IBM Systems products.

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IBM Systems RockStar

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM Systems participating in the IBM Systems Rockstar program.


Earn Client Success and Support: Professional or Expert badge for Soft Skills development. A RockStar will display skills via Video Content Creation, delivering training in TechU events or other conferences (and/or working at a booth to help share information on IBM products) and or by performing other social activities.

Education Experience

Complete the courses in the Learning Channel, related to skills improvement for social media communication. RockStar Focal does periodic monitoring of the RockStar activity via their social media accounts, to ensure guidelines are followed based on the provided training. RockStar must follow training guidelines.

Professional Experience

Capture in social media all positive, neutral, and negative mentions, related to IBM Systems, using the SYSOMOS tool. Clarify and demystify any negative comments made by the customers on social media, with the goal of providing assertive and precise information regarding our products & solutions, contributing to improving NPS. RockStar Focal will review the response provided to ensure it was...


To earn the badge, the RockStar must make a regular post in the IBM approved Social Media Channels that will be validated by SYSOMOS metrics monthly. The RockStar PM and Focal monitor reviews of the post; the tool validate reviews and likes of the material posted.  RockStar Video Content Creation will be validated by PM and Focal. RockStar TechU training  material is validated by the event's...


To apply for this badge, please follow instructions available in the Additional Details link on this page.

IBM Systems RockStar

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IBM Systems RockStar

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