Essential Risk Management Skills

Number of badges issued: 25

Badge earner will be able to develop and apply risk-based thinking and risk management skill in business activities through the application of learned methods and techniques. This critical skill improves the badge earner’s ability to identify and manage risks to both protect value as well as to exploit risks for value creation. The application of effective risk management will improve the likelihood of success of individual, organization, and company business objectives.

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Essential Risk Management Skills

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


The badge is available only to regular employees of IBM.

Education Experience

Complete all modules listed in the learning plan on Essential Risk Management Skills.


Pass the quiz in the learning plan with a minimum score of 80%.

Professional Experience

Demonstrate how you applied the risk management skill in a project or activity by providing at least one example of the following: a) Identified key risks in a project or activity; b) Changed plans or activities in a project or activity based on consideration of risks; c) Implemented specific actions in order to mitigate identified risks; d) Evaluated upside opportunities in a risk; e) Applied...


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Essential Risk Management Skills

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Essential Risk Management Skills

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