IBM Spectrum Scale Expert (Level II)

Number of badges issued: 74

This badge earner understands the architecture and concepts of IBM Spectrum Scale including Information Lifecycle Management, Active File Management and Cluster Export Services. The badge holder is capable of identifying use cases and size solutions. In addition, they have acquired hands-on experience on Elastic Storage Server (ESS) and Spectrum Scale RAID. They are able to install, configure, manage and monitor IBM Spectrum Scale.

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IBM Spectrum Scale Expert (Level II)

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successful participation in either the "IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Hands-on Workshop" or the "IBM Spectrum Scale Workshop (selectable modules)".


80% completion of all labs.

IBM Spectrum Scale Expert (Level II)

Alignment to standards

no alignment to standards

IBM Spectrum Scale Expert (Level II)

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Earn the IBM Spectrum Scale Expert (Level III) badge.