IBM IGNITE - Test Design & Modeling Coach

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Certified to advise on Combinatorial Test Design by co-creating client solutions using IBM IGNITE Quality and Test Services using the IBM FOCUS tool. CTD takes a systematic approach to modelling the things that need to be tested, then uses advanced mathematics to dramatically reduce the number of test cases while ensuring coverage of conditions and interactions.

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IBM IGNITE - Test Design & Modeling Coach

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Earner is an Employee of IBM.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the value to clients of Combinatorial Test Design by: Developing the CTD Strategy for multiple models across different platforms; Performing CTD feasibility study for testing applications; Ideating solutions for creating appropriate models and defined model scope; Appling knowledge of Agile / Dev ops in model Solutioning; Performing CTD assessments across multiple accounts; Performing...

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Completed the CTD Advanced level learning program.


Completed five projects with minimal 1000 hours demonstrating core skills as defined in the GBS Progression and Promotion model

Professional Experience

Worked in Quality Engineering for a minimum of two years for at least 50% of their time.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the IT Development & Implementation skills criteria as defined in the GBS Progression and Promotion model


Contributed to the evolution of the Combinatorial Test Design by creating at least two assets e.g. Solutioning guidance, case studies, blogs, best practice, white paper, POV.


Coached at least two people through the process of adopting the Combinatorial Test Design Method on separate client engagements.


Understands the importance of the IBM Way and how it relates to Quality Engineering activities.


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IBM IGNITE - Test Design & Modeling Coach

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IBM IGNITE - Test Design & Modeling Coach

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