IBM Blockchain Foundation Consulting

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The earner has an understanding of Blockchain principles & practices and how they can be used to advise an org. considering adopting Blockchain. They can articulate the following: the history of Blockchain; what Blockchain is and how it works; structure and components that make up the Blockchain; why it is considered "disruptive" and its general business application; differences between Blockchain platforms, their merits & implementations; technical components; and how it is developed/deployed.

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IBM Blockchain Foundation Consulting

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Course: Successful completion of the Blockchain 101: Business Consultant Learning Track


Assessment: Completion of the end-of-course test and received a score of 80% or higher


EARN; Currently this badge is only available for IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge.

IBM Blockchain Foundation Consulting

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IBM Blockchain Foundation Consulting

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