Architect Profession Certification - Level 2 Expert

Number of badges issued: 3404

An IBM Certified Architect leads teams to define the structure of solutions and architectures to address client business problems. They must understand client needs, apply industry knowledge, and leverage appropriate business elements and information technology to address those needs. They must present alternative solutions to meet the client needs identified. At Expert Level, the IBM Certified Architect is recognised as a Subject Matter Expert and teaches others in their work.

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Architect Profession Certification - Level 2 Expert

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


This individual achieved certification by the profession Board that he/she is able to integrate multiple elements of either business or IT architecture successfully in order  to develop correct and complete solutions to meet the client’s identified business problems, as well as leading and or teaching others to achieve these results.

Professional Experience

This individual has demonstrated their breadth of architectural experience and their application of accepted architectural methods. They have shown that they understand the implementation impact of the solution that they proposed and the need to take responsibility for their architectural decisions. They have also been able to demonstrate through examples their knowledge of particular industries.

Education Experience

This individual has taken the mandatory education classes in Architectural Thinking, IBM Method, project management and client consulting.

Professional Experience

This individual has enhanced and maintained  IBM's technical vitality through mentoring others (required) and other forms of give back including the development of IC/IP, enablement assets, publications, technical presentations and voluntary work on Certification Review Boards.

Professional Experience

Note: IBM Architect Certification is only available to IBM employees.


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Architect Profession Certification - Level 2 Expert

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Architect Profession Certification - Level 2 Expert

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