Component Business Modeling Client Journey

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This badge earner is recognized as a subject matter expert for Component Business Model (CBM). They are able to lead a CBM creation from scratch, and understand all its interconnections with client references and strategies among different industries or CBM templates while influencing clients towards using the CBM in the long term. CBM is an enterprise design evaluation that is used to identify opportunities and barriers to change.

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Component Business Modeling Client Journey

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earn the CBM Co-Creation badge.

Professional Experience

Demonstrate successful application of knowledge & activities through completion of 3 projects covering multiple industries &/or different templates/models at the CBM Expert Level. (The IBM Expert level is defined as: Recognized as an authority in the subject area, independently handling unique situations in complex environments & assisting others. Mentors & helps develop less experienced employees...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated proficiency of the business architecture of an enterprise and of different industries; Ability to influence an enterprise organizational design and use the CBM as a basis for strategic conversations and decision making; Recognized for CBM knowledge and experience; Recognized as a sophisticated user and contributor in CBM framework and tools for different industries, technologies and...


Note: This badge is only available to IBM employees.


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Component Business Modeling Client Journey

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Component Business Modeling Client Journey

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