Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Networking

Number of badges issued: 140

Through participation in and completion of lectures and associated hands-on activities, the earner has gained experience on and an in-depth introduction to networking including the following: Mainframes and Networks, Network Protocols, Subnetting, Address Exhaustion, Routing, networking on the mainframe, Hardware Connectivity to the Mainframe, TCP/IP on z/OS, SNA and SNA/IP implementation on the mainframe and Network Operations, administration and security.

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Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Networking

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successful completion of the IDCP Introduction to z/OS Networking course. The 30-hour course includes the following activities:


Completion of all activities identified in the course syllabus.


A passing course grade with a score of 70% or higher.

Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Networking

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Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Networking

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