IBM Z Federated Advocate Super Hero

Number of badges issued: 3

Badge earner is recognized for their commitment to the IBM Z Federated Advocate initiative. They earned this badge by presenting/serving as an SME at IBM Z events, contributing IBM Z related technical content and more, to engage developers (e.g: white space, students). By doing so they are engaging with the global developer community at large, helping build our developer footprint around IBM Z, as the modern mainframe.

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IBM Z Federated Advocate Super Hero

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM


Earned the Federated Advocate Program Hero badge


Contribute IBM Z Technical Content (Create and publish) on IBM Developer and/or IBM Z and LinuxONE Community to engage the developer community. Content Type: Code Patterns, Tutorials, White Papers


In-person Technical Engagement (for e.g: guest lecturer, conference session presenter, workshop host, panel moderator, event judge)


A total of 20 acts of Advocacy. Federated Advocate should engage at least one Active Advocate through their acts of advocacy.


Apply for this badge - visit the Additional Details link on this page for instructions

IBM Z Federated Advocate Super Hero

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IBM Z Federated Advocate Super Hero

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