Consultative Sourcing Explorer

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This individual has "entry" level knowledge of the IBM end-to-end sourcing processes, consulting skills and procurement practices including cognitive & agile. This badge earner has also worked in a procurement process and has experience in supporting either internal or external clients.

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Consultative Sourcing Explorer

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must complete all courses mentioned in the "Consultative Sourcing Entry" Learning Plan.

Professional Experience

Provide documented evidence of a client appreciation pertaining to a procurement issue you helped resolve or were actively involved in.

Professional Experience

Provide evidence of 900 Hours/6 months experience in a procurement role supporting either internal or external clients.


Able to discuss high level overview of "Source to Pay" process. Badge earner needs to submit a short description of their understanding of S2P.


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Consultative Sourcing Explorer

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Consultative Sourcing Explorer

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