Incident Management Practitioner

Number of badges issued: 879

The badge holder demonstrates a complete understanding of the Incident and Major Incident Management process, IBM and it's clients needs. The earner provides the client with a seamless process and execution with aim to restore normal service operation within service level agree-ments (SLAs) and minimize the adverse impact on business operations. The badge earner has also gone above & beyond by demonstrating innovation and continuous improvement for the area.

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Incident Management Practitioner

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Completed Learning Plan for Integrated Services Management - Incident Management

Education Experience

Completed the Learning Plan for Major Incident Management - Client Impact Event education


Earn the IBM Agile Explorer badge

Professional Experience

Demonstrate Innovation for Continuous improvement in Incident and Major Incident Management area - apply for the badge providing descriptions of your actions. Please see the Additional Details link for information on what actions count as evidence for this application

Incident Management Practitioner

Alignment to standards

no alignment to standards

Incident Management Practitioner

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