DevOps Bootcamp Graduate

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The badge earner has demonstrated foundational understanding of the DevOps culture through practice in the following topics: Security & DevOps, Agile Planning & Development, Social Coding with GithHub, Automated Development Environments, Microservices Architecture, Building REST API's, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Open API / Swagger, and Docker basics.

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DevOps Bootcamp Graduate

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Must be an IBM Employee or IBM Contractor


The graduate has attended all 13 modules through 10 live or recorded classes through YourLearning - 1) DevOps Culture & Practices; 2) Security & DevOps; 3) Agile Planning & Development; 4) Social Coding with GithHub; 5) Automated Dev. Environment; 6) Microservices Architectures; 7) Building API's; 8) Test Driven Development; 9) Continuous Integration; 10) Continuous Delivery; 11) Behavior Driven...


The badge owner has taken the multiple choice exam to be administered online by instructor of the DevOps course: John Rofrano. The test is based on the 13 course modules mentioned above.

DevOps Bootcamp Graduate

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DevOps Bootcamp Graduate

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