MS SQL Server Database Development

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Able to perform MS SQL Server Database application design and development applications using Procedures, Function and Packages in T-SQL. Is table to design solutions. Has a good understanding of basics of the MS SQL Server Database Administration

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MS SQL Server Database Development

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Earner is an employee of IBM or IBM contractor

Education Experience

Demonstrated understanding of MS SQL Server Database design and development using T-SQL, able to write complex stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages, able to develop high and low level ETL design. Is able to tune code for optimal performance. The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 43...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing the following activities: Develop stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages using T-SQL. Able to write complex SQL queries, tune SQLs. Design solutions based on the client requirements and be able to estimate the effort required to build a solution at optimal performance.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated performance at the IBM Experienced skill level by providing two stakeholder feedback statements (or project assessments) for two different periods. This IBM skill level is defined as: Repeated, successful application of the subject area with demonstrable results in multiple environments. Has a solid level of expertise in this subject area.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated IBM Global Business Services core skills: Concise communicator; present in team meetings; take accountability; serve in small team lead roles; serve as coach or mentor; participate in recruiting and other practice give-back programs; use feedback as a coaching tool


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Digital Credential

Professional Experience

Demonstrate the knowledge and experience in developing applications in SQL Server database, Must have experience of Development in Production support (L3) or minor/major enhancementsfor 3-4 years. Must have developed applications using T-SQL, Procedures, Functions, Packages etc. Must have worked on Performance tuning for about 1000 hours. Must have High level and Low level design documentation...


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MS SQL Server Database Development

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MS SQL Server Database Development

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