IoT - Maximo - INFOR take out Tactic

Number of badges issued: 1101

This badge earner has demonstrated basic knowledge of Maximo – INFOR competitive differentiators and can respond to situations commonly encountered with Infor EAM customers who own SAP software. They have gained skills to be able to: Identify situations where Infor customers might look to evaluate other EAM solutions; locate competitive information; demo suggestions and pricing questions; position against Infor tactics when presenting Maximo; and discuss differentiators of Maximo vs. Infor EAM.

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IoT - Maximo - INFOR take out Tactic

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successful completion of the course: "Maximo – INFOR take out Tactic".


Completion of the end-of-course test and receive a score of 80% or higher.


Must be an IBM Business Partner employee or an IBM employee.

IoT - Maximo - INFOR take out Tactic

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IoT - Maximo - INFOR take out Tactic

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