Cloud Application Developer 2021 - Explorer Award

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Through an instructor-led classroom, this badge earner has demonstrated the ability to build, run, deploy, and develop applications on a cloud development platform, using IBM Cloud. This individual has demonstrated an understanding of topics such as cloud computing, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, DevOps, REST architecture, Watson APIs, Web architecture, cloud security, multicloud , IBM Satellite, IBM functions, IBM Cloud Paks, IBM Code Engine, Node.js, Express framework, ECMAScript, and React.

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Cloud Application Developer 2021 - Explorer Award

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Must be a student, faculty member from a higher education institution, or IBM customer, business partner or IBM employee. All badge earners must be either attending or are involved in the IBM Skills Academy Program.


Completion of Module I - Cloud Application Foundations: Introduction to HTML5 and JavaScript programming.


Completion of Module II -Cloud Application Developer 2021: Cloud computing fundamentals and trends; Getting started with IBM Cloud; IBM Cloud Code Engine and Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud; Adopting a DevOps approach with IBM Continuous Delivery; REST architecture and IBM Watson APIs; Introduction to data services on IBM Cloud; Enriching your applications with IBM Cloud services; Developing...


Passed the Cloud Application Developer 2021 practice test.

Cloud Application Developer 2021 - Explorer Award

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Cloud Application Developer 2021 - Explorer Award

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