IBM Xlence Advocate

Number of badges issued: 110

Through participation in IBM's Xlence Program for the IBM India Software Lab, this badge earner has demonstrated a passion to learn new technologies. After selecting a business use case, the earner was able to produce a working minimum viable product within a stipulated time period. Their innovation has helped in the creation and advancement of IBM technical and business solutions to address and solve real world challenges faced by IBM clients.

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IBM Xlence Advocate

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM Intern or full-time employee of the IBM India Software Lab.

Schedule / Registration

Register for the Xlence Program by contacting


Learn new technologies required to complete the assignment.


Develop a minimum viable product for the selected use case.


Demonstrate the working code and receive an approval rating from the evaluators.

IBM Xlence Advocate

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no alignment to standards

IBM Xlence Advocate

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