IBM Product Management Certification

Number of badges issued: 14

The IBM Product Management Certification badge recognizes Offering/Product Managers for demonstrating an ability to define, develop and deliver differentiated offerings/products that focus on winning in the market. They can demonstrate collaboration with cross-discipline teams to deliver the most innovative offerings/products to our clients. They have also contributed to helping others through teaching and speaking about their experience in applying these skills to drive business results.

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IBM Product Management Certification

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM employee

Education Experience

Demonstration of formal training in the disciplines of offering/product management relevant to skills either through attendance at a course or self-study

Professional Experience

Demonstration of successful end-to-end application of Offering/Product Management (core) Skills for at least one (1) offering/product across all of the following stages: Market sensing, Market definition, GTM, Digital, Offering/Product Roadmap, Ecosystems, Services


Demonstration of professional Give Back - (1) Badge from the Speaker/Presenter or Teacher/Educator or other evidence of profession giveback (e.g., mentoring, webinars to OM/PM profession, etc.)


A minimum of 1 letter of recommendation


Candidate interview with an application reviewer(s)

Professional Experience

2-4 years in Offering/Product Management or related experience (guidance)


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IBM Product Management Certification

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IBM Product Management Certification

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