Dunton Innovation Lab Innovator

Number of badges issued: 8

The Dunton Innovation Lab Innovator is skilled in the end-to-end process of the Dunton Innovation Lab, including the Empathize, Define, Solution, Prototype and Test phases. The individual has learned about the phases in the process and applied this learning to test an idea. During this process, they have demonstrated their knowledge of key practices, including Design Thinking, Agile, Analytics and Prototyping.

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Dunton Innovation Lab Innovator

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Attend a Kickoff Workshop.


Attend a Solution Workshop.


Complete the Empathize, Define, Solution, Prototype and Test phases of the Dunton Innovation Lab.


Successful creation of a business case document, as validated by the IBM team.


Note:  This badge is only available to IBM and Ford employees and participation is by invitation only.  The 8-week program consists of individual coaching and participant activities are manually tracked for completion.

Dunton Innovation Lab Innovator

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Dunton Innovation Lab Innovator

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