Technical Delivery Assessment

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The badge earner is able to identify technical delivery risks for a proposed solution and recommend risk mitigation strategies. Technical Delivery Assessment is a key component of the IBM quality assurance program and ensures the proposed solution will fulfil client requirements, is technically viable and can be delivered by IBM.

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Technical Delivery Assessment

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM with multiple years of client delivery experience using the technology stack, delivery approaches, methods and tools.

Education Experience

Demonstrated understanding of using estimating tools and techniques. Demonstrated understanding of  integrated estimation, leveraging multiple techniques (top-down/Bottom-up, Reports Interfaces Conversions, Enhancements Forms (RICEF), Function Points, Story Points and multiple estimation models. The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the technical domain specific...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing activities including: Assesses the viability of the solution, architecture, estimates, staffing & deliverables; Leverage the experience of applying estimating techniques and models when conducting TDA assessments; Identify technical and delivery risks, and define risk mitigation recommendations; Create a TDA report clearly documenting the...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated successful application of the knowledge and activities  by successfully conducting  3 Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) reviews on complex solutions within the last 12 months.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated performance at the IBM Experienced skill level by providing two stakeholder feedback statements (or project assessments) for two different periods. The IBM Experienced level is defined as: Repeated, successful application of the subject area with demonstrable results in multiple environments. Has a solid level of expertise in this subject area.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated core skills: Dynamic communicator and presenter; foster environment of accountability; drive teaming culture; drive feedback culture; recognized team leader; recognized SME (if applicable); take initiative to grow the practice; exhibit dedication to others.


Mentored at least 2 individuals within the field of Technical Delivery Assessment  (eg. less experienced or fellow TDA SME reviewers).


You can apply by using the provided link which brings you to the application form that allows you to submit your evidence. Your submission will be validated by a subject matter expert (or team of experts).

Technical Delivery Assessment

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Technical Delivery Assessment

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