IBM Co-Marketing Ambassador

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The Co-Marketing Ambassador Badge earner has relevant knowledge of the co-marketing framework that enables them to initiate and sustain informed conversations with Business Partners aimed at increasing business results while maintain a clean audit posture.

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IBM Co-Marketing Ambassador

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Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Complete the IBM Co-Marketing enablement learning plan. Read the materials from every learning module, to learn about the process, the different programs and offers, the types of activities business partners can execute with co-marketing funding and how to avoid the actions that are not in line with the process. Take the exercises at the end of each module to practice what you have learned. Pass...

Professional Experience

Submit a brief story on how you used your newly acquired knowledge to help a Business Partner during a discussion about Co-Marketing to the Co-Marketing Ambassador Community.

Professional Experience

Describe what topics/sections in the Co-Marketing Guide you referred to whilst an internal or external discussing Co-Marketing.

Professional Experience

Identify your Co-Marketing go-to person/s in your Partner Ecosystem Team and have a short call to establish a way of working together.


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IBM Co-Marketing Ambassador

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IBM Co-Marketing Ambassador

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