Cognitive Sales Experienced

Number of badges issued: 89

This badge earner has applied Cognitive selling skills by actively participating in the sale of Cognitive deals. They contribute assets and share their knowledge with the IBM Cognitive Community.

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Cognitive Sales Experienced

What is needed to earn this credential or badge

Professional Experience

Lead seller in closing 1 or more Cognitive engagements of at least $250K OR Team member on the sale of 5 or more Cognitive engagements of at least $250K


Forty hours giveback in a Cognitive capacity by; Contributing or improving assets, Contributing Sales collateral to Lighthouse or Teaching in a Cognitive sales course/webinar


An active member in the IBM Cognitive Business Decisions Support community


EARN; Currently this badge is only available for IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge.

Cognitive Sales Experienced

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Cognitive Sales Experienced

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