Risk Consultant Advanced

Number of badges issued: 84

This badge earner has gained experience consulting on complex opportunities and has demonstrated their skills under the mentorship of an Expert or Thought Leader Risk Consultant. Their identification of risks, mitigation plans and risk ratings are appropriate and provide proper balance between cost and risk. They share their knowledge, lessons learned within the risk consulting community. They are eligible to mentor less experienced Risk Consultants

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Risk Consultant Advanced

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM

Professional Experience

Successfully performed the risk consulting role for a minimum of one year


Coached less experienced or fellow Risk Consultants and mentored  proposal teams and PMs


Obtain 1 entry level badge or qualification in another relevant discipline,  industry area, Service Line Method or growth initiative (e.g. Agile, Design Thinking, PM)

Professional Experience

Successfully conducted RC reviews on opportunities solutioned as complex, in the Geography within the last 12 months – examples required.


Understand the importance of the IBM Way and how it relates to risk consulting activities


Endorsed by the Geo or Market Quality Leader


Badge will be issued automatically 2- 4 weeks after completion of the required education criteria and/or submission of demonstrated skills. Please see additional information in the link below.

Risk Consultant Advanced

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Risk Consultant Advanced

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