IBM Certified Facilitator - Experienced

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This badge, the second of four professional certification badges for facilitation, is intended for those with experience in facilitation looking to further develop and sharpen their classroom skills. This badge is accessible to candidates with an existing "intermediate" level of expertise and experience with facilitation.

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IBM Certified Facilitator - Experienced

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


This badge is only available to employees of IBM


The IBM Certified Facilitator - Foundation Badge is a prerequisite.


Over the course of 1 year, facilitate or co-facilitate 4 or more classes.  A minimum of 32 classroom hours required.


Over 4 classes achieve a minimum post class survey score of 85% Instructor NSI and/or 60 NPS.


Complete a self-reflection. A self-reflection template can be found here.


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IBM Certified Facilitator - Experienced

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IBM Certified Facilitator - Experienced

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