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The badge earner understands what mindfulness is, IBM's vision for mindfulness (its role and importance towards IBM culture and goals); the benefits of mindfulness and why regular practice is important. The earner has learned how to: practice mindfulness using different mindfulness techniques, facilitate and conduct Q&A, and/or speak about mindfulness with others. The badge earner has connected with other members of the Mindfulness@IBM community so they can meet, network and practice together.

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Mindfulness@IBM Community Member

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.


Complete the Pre-Assessment/Survey.

Education Experience

Complete the Mindfulness Based Connect Experience Program - Attend 4 out of 5 group supervision sessions over the connect as part of a cohort. The MBCE program is an experience that consists of a cadre of trained practice leaders who meet with groups of 20 to 25 trainees for five 1.5 hour live virtual sessions over a 10-week period (approximately one session every 2 weeks), making sure that there...


Practice mindfulness every day (6 out of 7 days) for at least 15 minutes over the course of the program.


Read one of the recommended Mindfulness books (click here for a list of recommendations). If there is another mindfulness book you prefer, please bring it forward to the cohort practice leader.


Embody Mindfulness - Talk about mindfulness, and share or lead at least 2 mindfulness practices with one or more person(s) (could be family, friends, colleagues or clients).


Pass the short Mindfulness Based Connect Experience Quiz


Complete the Post Survey

Professional Experience

Provide two examples of business results you achieved through the Mindfulness practice.


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Mindfulness@IBM Community Member

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Mindfulness@IBM Community Member

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