ADDI Essentials

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This badge earner understands foundational knowledge of ADDI (IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence) - a static source analysis solution for application modernization. The earner has gained key insights on how It uses cognitive technologies to analyze mainframe applications to quickly discover, as well as the inter-dependencies and impacts of change.

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ADDI Essentials

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Successful completion of the self-paced online course 'Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) Basics' which includes the following modules: ADDI Introduction; Product Overview, Terms, Concepts and Vocabulary; Eclipse Navigation and Introduction to Call Graphs; AD Detailed Analysis Reports; and Resource Usage (Where Used) and Text Search.


Completion of course labs while utilizing an IBM Z software trial.


Passing the final assessment with a score of 80% or greater.

ADDI Essentials

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ADDI Essentials

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