Supplier Auditor - Practitioner

Number of badges issued: 41

The badge holder is a certified Auditor of IBM Supply Chain Engineering. This individual has successfully demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform commodity audits. The badge earner has a solid understanding of commodity processes and technologies, including the Quality Management Process. (This badge is only available for IBM employees.)

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Supplier Auditor - Practitioner

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Attain the Supplier Auditor - Apprentice badge.


Complete the recommended number of On-Job-Training audits within a 24-month time period.


Be nominated and approved by the 1st Line Manager to receive Auditor status.


Have the nomination approved by the respective commodity/technology Audit SME Resource (ASMER).


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Supplier Auditor - Practitioner

Alignment to standards

no alignment to standards

Supplier Auditor - Practitioner

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Supplier Auditor - Expert