Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Advanced Topics

Number of badges issued: 14

Through participation in and completion of lectures and associated hands-on activities, this badge earner has gained experience on and understands the key technical areas of business continuity and disaster recovery, business intelligence and data warehousing, z/OS installation overview, z/OS performance basics, global resource serialization and IBM Z virtualization (including memory management).

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Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Advanced Topics

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successful completion of the IDCP z/OS Advanced Topics course. This 30-hour course includes the following activities:


Completion of all activities identified in the course syllabus.


A passing course grade with a score of 70% or higher.


The following is a required prerequisite:  Completion of the Marist System z Associate Certificate program or equivalent (i.e. passed the System z Associate Certificate equivalency exam or received permission of the instructor).

Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Advanced Topics

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Marist College (IDCP) - z/OS Advanced Topics

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