TSS Black Belt

Number of badges issued: 11

The badge earner has acquired deep product knowledge and ability to sell Mainframe, Power and Storage products and services, knowledge vital to Win back and protect clients with the IBM in quarter revenue and total value contract from the win backs. The badge earner has the ability to present how a product meets client needs, and why to stay with IBM, providing technical specifications about the products. He/she acquired closing skills, contract negotiations and lead qualification skills.

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TSS Black Belt

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM in the GTS TSS business unit.

Education Experience

Attending deep training Seminar in Poughkeepsie, Austin, or Raleigh (16 hours) - topics include Tactics to win back System z, Power and Storage Support to TSS, Selling TSS System z, Power and Storage Proactive Support, role playing in protect and win-back situations, among others.

Professional Experience

Protect where the clients was considering a Non-IBM company, and the student was able to influence and retain the IBM footprint.  Provide details: Why the client was considering the Non-IBM company? How did you respond to retain the client?

Professional Experience

Document Win Backs with minimum IQR/TCV Revenue of $50k. This will win back IBM in quarter revenue and greatly increase total value contract for over many years to IBM.

TSS Black Belt

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TSS Black Belt

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