IBM Top Talent Program Ireland - 2020

Number of badges issued: 32

This badge is issued to graduates of the Top 5% of talented employees within Digital Business Group. Every year, the Senior Leadership Team identifies a different Group as the ideal audience of this Program, and Upline Managers nominate the participants within this group. The badge holder has to be a top performer, must have potential for growth, and individual motivation.

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IBM Top Talent Program Ireland - 2020

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Be an employee of IBM Ireland: Be nominated to take part in the IBM Top Talent Program


Engage in 5 face to face mentoring sessions with Top Talent Program Manager, Executives and Senior Leadership team. Mentoring sessions include: roundtables with executives or senior management teams, Career conversations with IBM VP, BU Leader, Second line management and People & Talent Manager


Work with Top Performers from other Business Units to share business insights and work on set challenges


Complete at a minimum the following activities; Altru Recruitment Video, Safe Return to the Office plan and presentation, attend BU Campus visits and All in Hybrid Cloud Challenge

IBM Top Talent Program Ireland - 2020

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IBM Top Talent Program Ireland - 2020

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