IBM Global Sales School Certified Sales Advisor

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The Certified GSS Sales Advisors are experienced sales professionals who support new sellers by: Creating a realistic client (or manager) character for practice client meetings; Assessing seller performance; Providing vital feedback and mentoring after practice client meetings; Providing coaching and guidance by leading 'In Depth' sessions. The role of the Sales Advisor is the cornerstone of GSS. Sellers repeatedly report that feedback and assessment from Sales Advisors is invaluable.

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IBM Global Sales School Certified Sales Advisor

What is needed to earn this credential or badge

Education Experience

Successfully completed YourLearning Global Sales School Sales Advisor Bundle and passed the mastery test. Existing  Sales Advisors are exempted from this requirement if they meet all criteria below


Completed a minimum of 10 GSS Lab Assignments independently of which 5 labs are Live Virtual Classroom: Lead Client Success; Build your Pipeline; Demonstrate Unique Value; Negotiate to Win; Create a Distinctive Client Experience (food trust version)

Professional Experience

A minimum of 10 GSS Sales Advisor surveys with a overall seller NPS of 8.5 or higher (applicable to those GEOs where we conduct SA surveys - LA, NA, EMEA). If no SA surveys are conducted in your GEO an endorsement from the GSS Facilitator will need to be provided as equivalent

Education Experience

Demonstrated ongoing learning investment (Think40) with learning related to IBMs strategy and performance, Industry and Technology Solutions, digital and social skills


Badge awarding endorsed by Global Sales School Sales Advisor Manager


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IBM Global Sales School Certified Sales Advisor

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IBM Global Sales School Certified Sales Advisor

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