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Number of badges issued: 1720

The badge earner has learned what is Observability and how it is a game changer for microservices, cloud, and APM (Application Performance Monitoring). They understand the differences between Monitoring and Observability, and can articulate the value propositions of Instana as well as Instana’s unique differentiators. They can act as a trusted client advisor explaining how Instana delivers measurable business outcomes and drives business value.

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Instana by IBM Sales Foundation

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM Business Partner employee or an IBM employee.


This badge is a PartnerWorld Credential for IBM Business Partners.


Estimated time to complete course: 6 1/2 hours


IBM Business Partner must complete the Instana by IBM course here.


IBM employees must complete the roadmap at this link.

Instana by IBM Sales Foundation

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Instana by IBM Sales Foundation

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