SAP Business Process Innovation - Client Co-Creation

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The badge earner is able to co-create innovative business processes by configuring and testing SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise based on IBM best practices. IBM SAP Business Process Innovation enables the Cognitive Enterprise (CE) by re-designing SAP enabled business processes to leverage the new capabilities and benefits provided by AI-ML, Blockchain, IoT and Automation technologies in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

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SAP Business Process Innovation - Client Co-Creation

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Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Demonstrated understanding of SAP Application feature scope, configuration and enhancement capabilities. Knowledge of tools, methodologies and testing best practices to realize cognitive business processes. Successfully completed the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 40 or by providing evidence in an alternative way.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing activities that include: Configure SAP based innovative business processes applying IBM best practices; Leverage new capabilities of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise platform; Test and deploy the process solutions enabling the cognitive enterprise for clients; Enable business processes across hybrid multi-cloud Environment

Professional Experience

Demonstrated successful application of the knowledge and activities at the IBM Foundation Level in at least One phase of a project. The IBM Foundation level is defined as: Work on assigned work products independently, report progress accurately and raise issues as appropriate to team lead. ; Demonstrates understanding of how to manage change.


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SAP Business Process Innovation - Client Co-Creation

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SAP Business Process Innovation - Client Co-Creation

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