Mindfulness@IBM Community Supervisor

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A Mindfulness@IBM Community Supervisor has successfully demonstrated a deep knowledge of the mindfulness practice at IBM, it's benefits and is able to effectively lead it and transfer the knowledge to other IBMers to take MBCE trainees through the journey via reflective dialogue, wisdom and active listening that benefits the MBCE trainee, the IBM organization, and the MBCE trainee’s internal business clients.

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Mindfulness@IBM Community Supervisor

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.


Completed an intense 2 hours MBCE Train-the-Supervisor program in order to build an understanding of the role of the MBCE Supervisor in the Mindfulness@IBM Community, learn how to establish a trusting environment to build capacity and confidence, and administer learning using digital tools.

Professional Experience

Able to create an engaging learning experience for a group of aspiring MBCE trainees, transition to a mindful way of living and experiencing reality and continuously improve every day. Able to establish trust and a supportive environment for group discussions during difficult times.


Successfully co-led a cohort of MBCE Trainees together with a certified supervisor.


Skilled in the application of mindfulness practices in the everyday experience and teach it to others, skilled in curious thinking, mindful leading and insightful questioning and in Emotional Intelligence by managing and recognizing one’s own emotions, understanding other people, what motivates them, and how to partner with them.

Professional Experience

Demonstrates the capability to lead other people into a variety of different mindfulness practices as explained during the MBCE journey.


EARN: IBM Employees only. Member of the Mindfulness@IBM Community (Required)


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Mindfulness@IBM Community Supervisor

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Mindfulness@IBM Community Supervisor

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