IBM Digital Skills Academy Alumnus

Number of badges issued: 118

The earner of this badge has built & demonstrated contemporary technical skills through the Digital Skills Academy; by presenting & delivering a prototype solving a client business problem. Demonstrated hands on skills around Cloud, Cognitive, IOT, Databases and Analytics. Completed accelerated full-stack development skills using HTML, CSS, Javascript & NodeJS. Built their soft skills such as Design Thinking, UX, Architectural Thinking, Business Value and Storytelling.

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IBM Digital Skills Academy Alumnus

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Education Experience

Successful completion of the face-to-face Digital Skills Academy (DSA) which includes the following:


Participation in the 4 weeks of lab-based courses;


Participation in the 4-week innovation project where the contemporary skills are applied in a real client project which includes final presentation to the client.

IBM Digital Skills Academy Alumnus

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IBM Digital Skills Academy Alumnus

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