Oracle Database Development Essentials

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Has good understanding of relational databases, Structured Query Language (SQL), Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers. Is aware of basic concepts of Database Administration and has knowledge of NoSQL concepts. Has a basic understanding of how MongoDB works.

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Oracle Database Development Essentials

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Must be an employee of IBM or IBM contractor

Education Experience

Demonstrated understanding of writing PL SQL code to develop DB applications, has basic knowledge of DBA activities, NoSQL concept and MongoDB Database. Understands how to retrieve data using SQL.

Education Experience

There are two mandatory knowledge assessments of 45 minutes each on Oracle Database Development and 5 mandatory courses (approximately 5 hours) to enhance your knowledge on NoSQL concepts and Application Impact Methods. For clearing the mandatory assessments, knowledge can be acquired by going through the optional courses of approximately 110 hours included in the learning path.


This badge will be automatically issued to you once you have completed the required learning path. Please send an email to when you have questions about how to apply for this badge.

Oracle Database Development Essentials

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Oracle Database Development Essentials

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