Marist College (IDCP) - Db2 Fundamentals

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Through participation in and completion of lectures and associated hands-on activities, this badge earner can utilize a variety of Db2 data structures, including storage groups, databases, table spaces, index spaces, tables, indexes, views, and keys. They understand how Db2 uses system objects such as the catalog, directory, active/archived logs, bootstrap dataset, memory pools, Db2 authorization, security components, locking, isolation mechanisms and how Db2 interacts with the z/OS environment.

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Marist College (IDCP) - Db2 Fundamentals

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Successful completion of the IDCP Db2 Fundamentals course. This 30-hour course includes the following activities:


Completion of all activities identified in the course syllabus.


A passing course grade with a score of 70% or higher.

Marist College (IDCP) - Db2 Fundamentals

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Marist College (IDCP) - Db2 Fundamentals

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